Ruth West

Covid Pups
Art in the Age of Isolation



Covid has been a time of quiet reflection. A time of sitting still and watching the pugs. Never have the words “let sleeping dogs lie” made more sense. If we hold hard, stop and stay still, maybe just maybe we will be safe. My thoughts turn to gratitude, a warm house, good food, a loved one, and dogs. Good internet so I can reach students, friends, and family. Most days I feel blessed. I recognize this is a scary time in the world, but it is also a time to stop and be in our everyday.

I spent many of the early spring night’s drawing on my tablet, practicing drawing the pugs, myself, and Carole . The pink covering became the element to hold the work together. One of my favorite artists Hiroshige, who did 100 view of Koto inspired me to do the same place over and over again, finding joy in the everyday.




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