Ruth West
The Acquisitive Nature of Crows
My friend Andy told me" he and his brother 'owned' a crow when they were growing up."

Andy's crow lived in the family garage and would come and go at his own free will. The crow loved bright shiny objects and would collect things that glittered in the sun. The crow collected tin foil, bits of this and that and spare change found on the ground, storing them all in his ample nest in the garage.

The 6 year old Andy was always envious that the crow seemed to have more money than he, but when he would try and sneak in and try to share the crow would chase him away.

My Uncle Desmond had a Raven that he kept in the old chicken coop. He loved that bird. In his eighties he would go up and sit for hours with the bird. Even with his memory gone, and unable to remember who his nieces and nephews were, Uncle Desmond fondly remembers his "Tookey".

Crows need for shinny objects surpassed self preservation. In one very dry tomb that I was reading, it stated that crows will bring burning twigs to their nest, because of their glitter and shine.
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