Artist Statements.......


why you should work in a series

What are you planning to do? Think complex, and abstract in your concept and " out of the box". Do not use a series that you are currently working on (ex: "something sick")

How do I find what I want to work on? Look at you past personal work- Is there a theme that can be expanded? Example: I have always gone back to this phrase " she dreamt of flight" I might choose to do an series based on Classic angel statues brought into contemporary life. Here are other series I have done: See-Sea Note the writing on the work- and Rt 47. Note statement.

Remember all visuals in your series must be your own and you must use photoshop.

How do I write and artist statement?


Why I am I writing this artist statement?

You are designing a series in Photoshop. This series can be set as simple as " As series of portraits of pugs, recreating the sense of black velvet paintings, with a touch of the baroque"

Or as metaphysical as " I have always been fascinated with the the light at the end of the tunnel. In this series I will recreate what life after death looks like using the concepts of Hieronymus Bosch as an underlying theme.

This is your work. It is used to describe you intent as you male this series of work. This work is should be about 3o hours of time.