General Tutorial Info

If you miss a class you are expected to send the work to me as a jpg  on the day it is due, Plus a one page description on the artist/ Artist work. ( ex. Salividore Dali). If class is cancelled you will still be responsible for the work of that class.

You are also expected to be collecting images of your own digitally. This can be through   scanning or using a digital camera.

You may use yourself only twice in all the tutorials.

What on the web can I use to make my tutorial pieces?

A piece of work presented as the individual creation of the student is assumed to involve no assistance other than incidental criticism from any other person. A student may not knowingly employ artwork, story material, wording or dialogue taken from published work, motion pictures, lectures, World Wide Web or similar media.

During finals done  from tutorials you may use some work from Creative Commons (unliecenced), google free for use, or pixabay
Though work should feel like your own and not be based on someone else creative ideas. ( example background mountains in Mona Lisa acceptable – Mona Lisa’s face not).  A list of sources should be a word doc  In your tutorial folder. “A “ work is your own work.

If you use someone else images for tutorial final work, please attach a word doc ( ex: ruth-final1-credits.docx and be prepared to show them on critiques on mondays.

You should be using your own images as primary sources for the second part of the semester series.


The elements of each piece.

Element 1: Do tutorials- find a way to combine them in your final artwork
Element 2: How  do you use an artist as inspiration?  Color choices, composition, Images, Iconography. . Each week be prepared to talk about you work using your Inspiration artist as theme.
Element 3: What Type of image is it?
Element 4: Theme jump off point.