Week 4: Portrait

Week 5:
Discussion ofsurrealism , thing a day, your work

Let's really critique!

filters, adjustment layers, channels, healing brushes



1. 5 quick tips
for the folllowing tutorials you will need a couple selfies of yourself,one to do a Rembrat portrait, and one to for a Frida Kaylo. You will also need an image to make a pattern in the back of your Frida portrait.

2. making your own Renisaance Portrai playlisr
Think lighting
Think: Drama of self

Save as Portrait-Ren-1

3. Making your own Frida Kaylo Portrait Playlist.
Think Symbolism
Think: Pattern

Save as Portrait-frida-1

Now that you have some new tools, use it to making a self-portait in your own way, in Photoshop

Look up

Find an artwork that you would like. Who is the artist? Why d you like them?

Final Piece:Portrait.png
Do a piece of work of your own based on the tutorial and element. Think about objects appearing from the dark and dramatic lighting effects.