How our week looks:


1) we will look at the artist that you use for reference.
Each student will show a piece by the artist, and talk a little about the artist. I suggest that you do not take the easiest way out an select the first image that comes up when you type in the artist's name. Spend 20 minutes on the artist, be prepared to discuss what you like and dislike about the artist's body of work.

2) We will critique your work using art terms.
Your peers will talk about line, structure, layout etc... and you will talk about your inspiration.

If you miss a class you are expected to post your tutorials and finals work in the google Drive  on the day it is due, Plus a one page description on the artist/ Artist work. ( ex. Salvidor Dali).


1) During the first half of the semester I will give a tutorial on some element of Photoshop. During the second part of the semester each of you will give a tutorial on Photoshop.

2) you will have studio time to work on projects

The elements of each piece.

Element 1: Do tutorials- find a way to combine them in your final artwork
Element 2: How  do you use an artist as inspiration?  Color choices, composition, Images, Iconography. . Each week be prepared to talk about you work using your Inspiration artist as theme.
Element 3: What Type of image is it?
Element 4: Theme jump off point.