What The heck is thing a day?

The goal is to make creativity a daily ritual

The rules for participation are minimal, everyone is encouraged to select a weekly, monthly or daily challenge and theme for themselves and get to work. You can use ant medium as long as your efforts can be reported back on this blog once a day.

a few thoughts on thing a day......please " create" with this post. If you are working with a smart phone, please modify and think about the image as artwork before uploading.

Two of my thing a day pieces.

Alphabet 2010

Counting 2012

Why a series?

I expect at least one series of 7 days- and the rest the month has to hang together.

A series allows you to explore and grow an idea. These ideas can be well formed at the begining or grow as you move along. A series usually has a couple of rules to give your art a jump off base. For instance,when I did the alphabet series. the rules were- each letter had to be in the previous letter, example A albinos on bicycles, bicycles in the castle etc.... When I did the numbers- size was consistant, they had to have an edge and they had to rhyme.

For 17 mysteries and signs ( done with histomatic) each ad to be part of a story. a warning or a sign.There black and white tintype held them together.

Work should look like art- not just photos of your room. crop, layer etc... I can tell.

How Do I grade Thing A Day?

Thing a day is 31 days long. You are expected to post something everyday. But you have a 4 day garce period. This work should take approximately ½ a hour- or longer-. You are graded on posting. This assignment is about making yourself be creative every day. It is a sketchpad...that is being shown to others...be creative.

A+ 29 day posting at least 15 comments
A 27 days posting: at least 10 comments
A- 26 Days Posting  at least 10 comments
B+ 25 Days Posting at least 6 comments
B 24 Days Posting at least 10 comments
B- 23 Days Posting at least 10 comments
C+ 22 Days Posting at least 10 comments
C 21 Days Posting at least 5 comments
C- 20 Days Posting at least 5 comments
D+ 19 Days Posting at least 5 comments
D 16 Days Posting
F + 15 days or less of Posting.


This is a scetchpad. You can use photoshop, or phone apps. Just think creatively.

Here are a few apps to try on your smart phone with photos.

recommended apps

example using these apps.

Mysteries and Signs