Week 10: Josh & Lexie become stars

Nov 5:Tutorials

Tutorials (Written by us):

  1. How to Create a Bokeh Lighting Effect in Photoshop

  2. How to Create a Professional-Looking Music Poster 



Element 1: Bokeh and Poster-Making (Our tutorials)

Element 2: Craig Howell, a Graphic Artist you didn’t know you loved

Element 3: Homework Tutorials from Online (Vignette & Color Matching Example #1)

Element 4: Create a Professional Poster for your Favorite Band/Artist! 

Please include (1) at least three masking layers and three blending modes in your final! You should also include (2)  a bokeh effect, or some kind of custom lighting effect! 

Save the homework tutorials as TutorialLJa and TutorialLJb, and your final as FinalLJ


Creating a Vignette Effect in Photoshop:


Matching Colors When Combining Photos (Just do Example 1):


How to Create Realistic Bokeh and Blur Effects in Photoshop (Scroll down towards the bottom where it says “Make your own Bokeh)