Week 11: Quick meeting on Tuesday 4/12

We will have a quick meeting on Tuesday at 9:30 to go over scholars in action at noon. Please have your images and put them in the the google drive folder (scholars in action)  (which is in arts 260-photoshop) with the following naming convention- Your name - In the case of multiples but them inside a folder with your name.

Christian/Nate/ Heidi prepare to speak for a minute on what you idea was, and a little about your series. and how this piece works.

You can write it up if you are nervous. Here is an example:

Millennium Shuffle:
This section consists of eight works that examine time by combining disparate elements from Egypt in the fourth century BC and the current 21st century. It is a humorous look at how we view place and time, how everything changes but remains the same. This imagery is gathered from my sabbatical trips to Egypt and Florida. The stillness of  Egyptian history  is placed  against  the timeliness of a beach vacation.

Lexie You may need to talk for 3 minutes or so

Nadia Plan on 5-10


Due 4/14

1.Nadia's tutorial
2.your take on Nadia tutorials
3.at least one piece from your series
4. discussion of an artist

Building portraits w/ Nadia


Here is Nadia Zoom which will explain all: (if the link does not work it is on the google drive)

Here are the tools and images the images you will use to make this



Here is the artists you will look up

Artists link
Artist: Bijou Karman

Nadia's Instructions

Step 1: Pick an Image!

Step 2: Open that image and a separate blank canvas in PS

Step 3: edit the image to exaggerate or change any features or coloring.

Step 4: Copy and paste that image into the blank canvas.

Step 5: Use the free Transform to Fit the image

Step 6: lock the image so that it can not move

Step 7: Right click the pen tool and select curvature pen tool

Step 8: Start with the biggest area, follow along the curves of what you are illustrating, start with no fill and a light stroke so you can  follow along. After you have completed the shape fill the color in and remove the stroke. You can choose to use the exact color or change it as you wish.

Step 9: Continue this step for each area, doing the bigger areas first. Hide the layers that block the image.

Step 10: After the entire Image is done, the amount of detail is up to your discretion, change to the brush tool

Step 11: Go to the website provided for different types of brushes

Step 12: Use the bush to add details to the image

Step 13: Do the Background.

now do another.
Try to use color and texture to express your emotions about the person