Week 2:Trompe l’ oeil

M Discussion of  Roy Lichtenstein, discussions of work
Size matters

How to use layers
How to use layer masks
Trompe l’ oeil how to:
shadow and puppet warp

zip of images
using pixabay
or creative commons



Put in class tutorial in as Class2.jpg

Homework: Due Monday Sept 16

in your folder Tutorial2a, Tutorial2b, Tutorial2c, final2-jpgs

Element 1: Tutorials

Vintage look in Photos
vintage postcard tutorial
wicked worn and torn tutorial

Final piece elements

Element 2: Pick a Trompe L'oeil Artist to talk about
Element 3:Trompe l’ oeil
Element4: Making art is my life.


Look up a Trompe L'oeil Artist to talk about. Find an artwork ( more than one) by them that you like or dislike. What is there time period? Why were they working in troemp l' oel? Find and artwork of theirs that you love or hate bring it to class a digital or hard copy and be prepared to discuss. Do you like or dislike Trompe L'oeil work? Why?. Bring in a piece of their's that interests you

Do tutorials save on the in the google drive in the arts 260-photoshop folder>your name
Call them Tutorial2a, Tutorial2b, Tutorial2c, give them to me as jpgs.

Do your artwork based on the elements.:
Do a piece of work of your own based on the tutorial and elements put it in in google folder called final2 give me it as a 2000 Px wide ( and however tall) jpg.

Examples of Trompe L'oel?
my years project

Student work


week 2