Week 4: Surrealism

Week 4:
2/10: Discussion WPA, your art work, Thing a day
2/12  History, history brush, content aware fill, channels, HDR





in your folder Tutorial4a, Tutorial4a final4 jpg

Element 1: Tutorials

Surealistic scene save asTutorial4a

Pick and do one of these 30 tutorials- save as Tutorial4b


Element 1: Tutorial
Element 2: Giorgio de Chirico
Element 3: Inner Space
Elemen4: Time is not my relative

Look up Surrealists

1 Do tutorials save as tutorial4a, tutorial4b in your google tutorial drive

2 Do a piece of work of your own based on the tutorial and elements. save as final 4 in your finals folder

What is the surrealist manifesto? Find an artwork by them that you like or dislike. What isthere time period? What was there artistic philosophy? Find and artwork of his that you love or hate bring it to class a digital or hard copy and be prepared to discuss. So you like or dislike surrealist work? Why?
be prepared to talk about surrealists and your work.