Week 6: Lighting matters

Let's really critique!

Lighting effects, filters, adjustment layers, custom brushes,



Element 1: Tutorials- (use a picture of your own to do these) Note we are not using "raw" camera so feel free to skip through that section

1. 5 quick tips

2. Portrait
Element 2: Caravaggio
Element 3 lighting
Element 4: The solace of night

HuH? Think the drama of shadows and lighting as part of "storytelling" in photoshop

Look up
Baroque painting

Find an artwork by them that you like or dislike. What are their time period? What is that movement about? What are their artistic philosophy? Find and artwork of his that you love or hate
bring it to class a digital copy and be prepared to discuss.

do both tutorials -save on google tutorial5, tutorial 5

Final Piece final 5
Do a piece of work of your own based on the tutorial and element. Think about objects appearing from the dark and dramatic lighting effects.