Week 6: a comic life
drawing with Photoshop

Week 6: Mon
Prepare to discuss Baroque Artists, Thing A day, your work


Read interview and look at pictures of Chris Murray
be prepared to talk about his work process.

1. Painting and drawing in Photoshop using the pen tool

2. here are two tutorials. pick 1
a) Drawing a superhero ( needs a tablet)

b) adding shading to your art

Element 1: Tutorials
Element 2: Comics
Element 3: hand drawn
Element 4: a few thoughts on my college experience

HuH? How do I draw in Photoshop?

Save tutorials as jpgs as Tutorial6a and tutorial6b. Do your own piece, that is drawn from scratch, use the pen tool, and finish call it final6.jpg

Do tutorials. do your own work. save in your folders as jpgs.