Week 8:


In Class
Moving Pictures:
Download This:

and will make like look like this:

or this:


how this was done (video)

Thing a Day: (28)

Thing a day is 28 days longy. You are expected to post something everyday. This work should take approx 3/4 a hour- or longer-. You are graded on posting.

A 28 days posting.
A- 26 Days Posting  
B+ 25 Days Posting
B 24 Days Posting
B- 23 Days Posting
C+ 22 Days Posting

C 21 Days Posting
C- 20 Days Posting
D+ 19 Days Posting
D 16 Days Posting
F > 15 days or less of Posting

Your Tutorials


1) During the secon part of the semester you wil be running a tutorial, and showing the class something interestin that you know. The information is here.

2) You will be doing a series of artwork. The Information is here.

Homework: Part 1:

Element 1: Tutorials: cinemagraphs moving pictures
Element 2: Eadweard Muybridge
Element 3: moving picture Gif
Element 4: what is real?


Look up Muybridge - what was he doing and why?

Do tutorial. Aave as Tutorial 7.

do your own work an animated gif- remember movement is small!
save in your folder. Save as Final 7