Tutorials who-when

What You need to do tutorial class.

1. an idea of something you do with Photohop that you find interesting
2. -a famous visual artist-from art history
3. A set of tutorials on line for the class to do that is based on what you are showing them
4. key phase for an element.


By the Tuesday before the Thursday you have yoort tutorial. It will be assigned on that thursday
on the following Thursday you wll lead the discussion,


Element 1: Do tutorials- find a way to combine them in your final artwork
Element 2: How  do you use an artist as inspiration?  Color choices, composition, Images, Iconography. . Each week be prepared to talk about you work using your Inspiration artist as theme.
Element 3: What Type of image is it?
Element 4: Theme jump off point.

who does what and when

week 10 Lexi
week 11 Nadia
week 12Nate
week 13 Christian
week 14 Heidi