Nadia & Lexie

by week 14, there should be a plan in place for a day DIG at the college.

Week 1-3: Presenting on Feb 13
This presentaion should be at least 10 minutes long- put the DIG in context- and how you are fitting into and over all scheme and anwner the following.

Who is your target audience?
What is the theme of your DIG? This should be short, and easy accessible by your target audience.
What is the date that you want it to be? All school events should be checked out to place approprately.

Week 4-6: Presenting on March 5
Who are your speakers?
What is your format?
Who is paying for what?

Week 7-10 Presentin March 21
preparing your media
Logo? Look?
Flyers? Website? Instagram? QR code?

week 10-14
Everything should be preparded for fall, so that you can come in and set it up.