In charge of making sure everything works on the web site. This does not mean that they DO the whole website, in consultation with the the web producer, they can assign pages to the other members of the team.

Web Producer-
 They are the only person who contacts the client. They are in charge of schedules, making sure that work is being done in a  timely manner, and setting up and outside meeting time with the teams. Keeps both the team and the client on track for completion April 15th.

Media Supervisor-
Diagrams pages, figures out the links. Informs the Producer of missing material. Make sure there is content and images for the site.

Social Media Director
Helps build and set up all the social media presence.  Writes the abstract, and designs the poster for Scholars in Action. Note: This person should be taking screen shots, to build the poster


Friends of Homeless Cats

Web-Master: Angel
Web Producer: Sandra
Media Supervisor/ Social Media Director Traevon


Web-master: Conor
Web Producer Cora
Media Supervisor :Danielle
Social Media Director Kristen

Read- Succeed

Web-master : Raphael
Web Producer Gina
Media supervisor: Hannah Redmond
Social Media Director: Matt


Hannah Reed

Time Table:- basic

Feb 16: team meets and discuss work. Collaborate and design 3 layouts for the site.
Feb 21: Present the designs to the class, make changes, and send them off. Through the Producer.
Feb 24: Changes Back? Media Supervisor presents diagram of layout of the site.
Discusses what images are necessary.

Midterm: Design should be finalized & started

Scholars in Action Day Abstract Writing Workshops
Wednesday, 02/22/17 at 12:00 PM in Judd 403
Thursday, 03/09/17 at 3:30 PM in Judd 403   
April 11 Scholars in action

April 15 First Proof to Sites
April 28 Sites uploaded