Holy Redeemer Cathedral

1. Who will be our contact with you? What is their contact e-mail
Mine is rwest@springfieldcollege.edu
LaTonia Naylor will be the primary contact. The contact e-mail for this
purpose is hrcprospect44@gmail.com.

2. What is your Purpose for the site? (It can be more than one)

Community awareness

Other explain

3. Please find 4 webs sites (URLS) that you like. These sites do not have to
be about the same thing as your site, you are using them as design ideas.


Describe why you like them-
Ex: Color Palette
Placement of items on the page
Purpose of the site
4. Describe the layout of your site.
Think about what is the most important?

Information on our mission, outreach
ministries, and contact information.

What is the optimum order of your links?
I am unsure of how to answer this

5. Where is the data for these pages? Do you want to update it?
Or should we start with what is currently on the pages?

Not sure of the answer to this question.

6. Who is going to input missing data?
Theresa Naylor will be the liaison to Springfield to input data. She is retired and
able to be response very quickly.

Are they willing to be the liaison to Springfield? Yes
Will they pick up and respond to e-mail daily? Yes
7. What kind of pictures are you interested in using?
Do you have photographs? We do have some pictures, but are open to
suggestions around what is most palatable to individuals who will view the
Have the models signed off? They are willing to.
All images need to be bought or copyright free. Understood.