Website Questions 1/17

We can design a web site for you that will get your information out to the public. We will make it visually interesting and exciting. We will upload it to your host. You are not committed to using the site. Your current site will not be taking down till the end of the semester- We will host the site locally on our server until you are ready for us to upload it to yours.

The Springfield College semester is 15 weeks long and by May 2nd the site needs to be done. Each student is putting in 90 hours in this pro bono work should be treated the respect and care that is given a paid provider.


This site will be a Wordpress site.
A Wordpress Site is a blog platform, but does not need to be a blog. It is more “user friendly”, so that you can manage it when we are done. We will have a student available for you to teach you how to use it.
Examples of these pages:

Where can I host my site?
You need to make sure that the web host (who you buy your site from) offers Wordpress. It sometime requires an upgrade. The host that I have had great success with is greengeeks. ( They are $180 for 3 years. I have use doteasy for my personal site, and have had ups and downs with them as a host. I have not heard anything good about godaddy.
Here is an article to read about who hosts Wordpress the best


Can you help us with our social media?
Yes, We can research and help you with your a twitter account, blog, Facebook page, a Google + page, a Google calendar and link to your PayPal account.

What we need from you in the first two weeks of the semester.
Talk to us. We have openings on Jan 24, 31, and Feb 2nd.
We would like to have someone to come in within the first two weeks of class) to talk about your non-profit so that the students can be informed and excited about the work they are doing for you. We meet Tues/Thurs 9:30 - 10:45 AM. We would like you to come in at 9:45 and speak for approx. ½ an hour and take questions. We have access to the Internet and are a mac lab. Please give us two potential dates, as we are scheduling one group a day.
Most of the rest of the site can be done “on line” with one possible meeting in March, and one in late April when the site is complete.

We ask for a 5-day turn around for any decisions (example we supply you with 3 layout “looks” -you make a decision in 5 days and get back to us). This keeps the work moving.

Please answer the following questions by the Jan 13th and send to me.

1. Who will be our contact with you? What is their contact e-mail address?
Mine is

2. What is your Purpose for the site?  (It can be more than one)
Community awareness
Other explain

3. Please find 4 webs sites (URLS) that you like. These sites do not have to be about the same thing as your site, you are using them as design ideas.
Describe why you like them-
Ex:       Color Palette 
            Placement of items on the page
            Purpose of the site
4. Describe the layout of your site.
Think about what is the most important? What is the optimum order of your links?

5. Where is the data for these pages? Do you want to update it?
Or should we start with what is currently on the pages?

6. Who is going to input missing data?
Are they willing to be the liaison to Springfield?
Will they pick up and respond to e-mail daily?

7. What kind of pictures are you interested in using?
 Do you have photographs?
Have the models signed off?  All images need to be bought or copyright free.