Questions to site 2018

I'm not sure if there is a question 1, but I do not have it so here I am with #2.

2.  I am truly interested in all of these means of getting the message out to others.  Yes I do want to
inform people.   Yes I do need people to donate both financially as well as household things, gently used and
new.       As for other, I truly feel that people don't understand that there is an entire community of
agencies that are helping people become independent and established.  These people who have very little means to help themselves depend on these wonderful people for their help.  Which then makes its way around to me and those who help this organization.

3.  I am going to do this kind of backwards if you don't mind.  I do want to give you my favorite color patterns.
As we already spoke of, blues are what I find most complimentary in all things.  Not just a certain blue, but
many shades that also work well with various shades of white and beige, maroons and soft pinks.  Grays are also a color that I find appealing and works well in many different ways.  (reds, greens, purples, are not my favorite).
I have not looked at this time for any web sites that I like, sorry.  I will do that before the end of the day tomorrow and answer your question the way it is asked, I promise.

4.  Most importantly, I need to know that everyone can go on line and find this web site.  Whatever it takes to have someone put a simple "how can I help with the needs of the homeless in housing".  Or even more simply, "homeless need us", etc. 
Next, I would like to show the people who are truly interested in helping what is most needed at that time, or what I am short of at that moment.
Then, I somehow want to show anyone that would like to help financially the easiest way to get that donation to me, us whatever.  This also brings up the fact that it is an almost single run program, myself.  How can I assure them that I am legitimate and not out to take their money.  (too deep!)   

5.  I do have some data for these pages.  It is older, about a year now.  It was officially a program in about May of 2017.  And yes I do have some pictures.  They can certainly be used with a single phone call as most of the people who are in them are good friends. 

6.    I will be the primary person doing all changes and anything that has to do with the web site.  The only other person that is truly a part of this organization, the treasurer, really is not around all that much, so I am the primary person for everything that needs to be done.  I will, for the most part responding to daily emails,
unless deliveries get in the way because that of course takes top priority.

7.  As I said in question 5, I have some photographs and I will not have a problem getting their approval.  Do I need to do this in writing or is a verbal approval enough.  These will all be images taken by me or others that do not need to copyright, again just friends.

Ruth, as you are the professional and I am not, you need to let me know if this is what you are looking for, excluding the missing pieces.  I look forward to hearing from you and I will get back to you with the rest of the information I promised you.