Questions to site 2018

The redesign for your site happens Jan 21-May 1 in our Community Service Class which meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays 2-3:30.
We work with Wordpress, which is easily updated by you. Wordpress was build as”blog” software, so though we make it look like a formal site, the backend set up for any user.
You can look online at :
For worpress exampless.
I assign two to three students to work with your group with one who will be your chief contact. We host our work site on the department site while we are building it, so there will be no changes to your site till it is done and you approve it. At that point, we port it over to your host.
We ask each group to come into class twice. Once in Feb to give a presentation to the students about your mission. This is to excite them, and draw them into your mission. Then again at the end of April, to be given the “keys to the car”- being shown how to run the site.

In between we will be contacting you via email, sending you site designs and asking for information. During February we will present you 3 to 4 possible looks for you to choose from. Once you have chosen the look, the work begins in earnest.

We ask for a 5-day turn around for any decisions (example when we supply you with 3 layout “looks” -- you make a decision in 5 days and get back to us).  This keeps our students on task, and gives them something to work on.

Each student is putting in 90 hours his pro bono should be treated the respect and care that is given a paid provider.


What we need:
There is information we need to gather before we get started. The Springfield College semester is 15 weeks and in order to keep work moving forward, primary information needs to be supplied in advanced. I will be contacting you after the holiday season to get that information.


What we need:
Please answer the following questions by the Jan 22 and send the me.


2. What is your Purpose for the site?
Community awareness
Other explain

3. Please find 4 webs sites (URLS) that you like . These sites do not have to be about the same thing as your site, you are using them as design ideas.
Describe why you like them-
Ex:       Color Palette 
            Placement of items on the page
            Purpose of the site
4. Describe the layout of your site.
Think about what is the most important? What is the optimum order of your links?

5. Do you have data for these pages?  Pictures?

6. Who is going to input missing data?
Are they willing to be the liaison to Springfield?
Will they pick up and respond to e-mail daily?

7. What kind of pictures are you interested in using?
 Do you have photographs?
Have the models signed off?  All images need to be bought or copyright free.