Sidebar1 Content

on the side bar I have made a compound tag

#sidebar1 h1

this allows for an h1 tag that is specific to the side bar

Rollovers are defined by
a:link ( link attributes)

a:visited ( visited the link)

a:hover (rollover)

rollover 1

rollover 2

H1 tag

Notes: "Tags" redefine HTML tags and includes Body, H1,h2 etc... notice with the above h1 tag i have added a border at the bottom for a line. ad with the h2 tag I given a background color.

H2 tag

.boldred is a "class"- a class has a period before it and can be used multiple times through a document. it is defined by a period in front

#sidebar1 is a ID and is used only once on a page. it is defined by a # sign.

In Firefox> file> save page as>html> in your file on your drive

open dreamweaver... define site.... open ruth-css


body ( background and font)
#container (background, border and box )
#header ( drop in new background)
#sidebar1 ( background,size, border)
#sidebar1 h1 ( look of font- use border)
#footer ( background,size, border)
h1 ( font, color background)
h2 (font,color, background,border, how did I center it?)
.boldred (font,color, background,border)
a:link (font,color, background,border)
a:visited (font,color, background,border)
a:hover (font,color, background,border)