week 4

Feb 11-homework -

Do a mindmap of your website project.

Your clients presentations should have given you ideas- but now you need to untangle and structure what they have given you. Start with a mind map- this will visually give you an idea of where you need to go. Look at mine as an example.

For the webdesigners: (Christian,Nico, & Anthony)
What are the top links? What hat are the sublinks? what are the information that they need on each? what kind of plug-ins do you need ( calnedar?)-

Colin- What is the cuurent layout (mind mapped) - what needs pictures? what need content? new links?

DIG ( Lexie and Nadia)- do a mind map of the diffrenet conceps you might use- go wild with ideas! Make a second mind map of the stucture of how things have to be done.

Feb 11 ( in class)

we wil be looking at your mind maps, and talking about how you plan to go forward.

We will continue working on your wordpress sites- we will talk about themes


Here is a calendar. You need to set yourself goals for getting this project done.

contact your client for pictures, and first page information. CC me

work on your wordpress sites. You will look at wordpress Temeplates.

Feb 13 (in Class)

Nadia and Lexie will present about their DIG.
Colin and Christin will also speak
(see this link)

We will talk about website colors- and widgets

WE will talk about templates- what do you need for yours


Feb 13-Homework

read and understand the difference between plugins and widgets

making pages in the new wordpress- Gutenberg Blocks 1 hour

watch this video on widgets 7 Minutes

Tips and tricks for images

making a header banner that works ( video 2 minutes)

Making sliders that work (Video 2 miniutes)

Making column images that work Video 2 minutes