For Feb 7

Speakers Feb 7

Friends of Aquam Homeless Cats comes to talk about their site. They currently have no real site just the bits and pieces here. Watch the video, look at the facebook page, look at thier type of site ( sites for homless animals)

1. Develop-Write-Email:

Write up a short review of what you think they should do. Find some homeless cat websites that you might use as a model. (Review is less than a page)- email to me by Monday night.
Answer the following questions. how would you refelect goals and audience? What color scheme would you give them and why? what would you do tocreate their site. Plan to be a vibrant part of the discussion

2. Add widgets & plugins to your wordpress site

read and understand the difference between plugins and widgets

watch this video on widgets 7 Minutes

watch this video on adding a plugin google calendar 7 minutes

3. add a google calendar to your site.
Add it as a widget to your sidebar