For Feb 9

Speaker Feb 9 (we hope)

Friends of Agawam Homeless Cats comes to talk about their site. They currently have no real site just the bits and pieces here. Watch the video, look at the facebook page, look at their type of site ( sites for homeless animals)

here is an actual video on widgets and another on installing themes.

watch this video on widgets 7 Minutes

watch this video on finding and installing themes 2 minutes

Themes for the 3 sites

Come up with 3 themes that you think would work for the 3 different clients. From what they said and said they needed what should their themes look like. what characteristics should the them have (slide-show? drop down menu? ability to use YouTube? Calendar? Colors?)

Write up up what each should have, ( take a guess on the cats) and then find themes that you think might work and add that to your writeup.

Install one of these themes and see how it looks and add a few mock pictures.