Week 6
First Social Media Poster

2 Mask posters one all text , one with images

Use the concepts from world war 2 posters as a jump off point, Do not use their exact phases- be original!

There are two important concepts going around this fall.
The first is that we all need to wear masks and socially distance.
Our first poster of the two is to get this idea across to the college campus in a cool student manner.

this poster will be 10"X8" vertical or horizontal

that is the size that you can safely do a image that is 8 1/2 X 11. Why? because printers do not print all the way to the edge, so there is always a margin. If you do it to the edge, it is called a full bleed, and means that the image has to be printed on a larger piece of paper and cut.....more expensive.......

All images are original, use your cameras.
All Ideas are original. Need to come up with a great punch line and concept.

Ruth's videos

How do we do this?

Mask Poster I( Text Only)

1.First we canvas our target group on what they think would be affective. Research. Talk to your friends, text your high school aquaintances Look at you Instagram feed. Next write up a short paragraph on what they said. Be prepared to present this in class.

2. Thumbnails- the first series of thumbnails will be all font. with catchy phrases that you may or may not have made up yourself. Think about leading- font type. REMEMBER fonts set the mood and light the candles to get the point across!

3. Build in InDesign,put in Google drive, and share on Instagram and/or facebook with the #arts203

Mask Poster II

1 Now build a poster for using your own images. Again this should have thumbnails, and all text should be in InDesign.

2. Make it as a PDF for your Google drive, make it into jpg or png and share on social media with the #arts203



Both Posters- Text and with picture

Also how well did they do on social media?

Here are some examples from another class.