Final Project

Alphabet Book

You will be doing an alphabet book. This book will have good use of fonts, colors, photoshop. It will feature a number of different fonts and have some sort of theme.It will be an epub and pdf with a cover. You will be making a black and white ad for it to sell it on the local paper.

Here is one I did a number of years ago. This is for the consept of complexity- not for layout. Yours should be Picture in one page, and words next to it- like a childs book.

Week one: Come in with ideas- start working with your camera. Show Thumbnails.

Here is a video of my start with this project in Photoshop

Week two: The first run with the book- remember you need a cover! and back!

Here is a video of me bringing it into Indesign with a few new tricks

week three: Book Final and Ad. ( ad will be 4X5 Black and white)