WEEK 1 ( meet synchronistic both classes.

In Class:

Take the Syllabus quiz

The History of Fonts.

the short history of fonts ( YouTube)

How to look at fonts

important new Leading and Kerning



1. read this article and come in to discuss- why use Indesign and Illustrator instead of Photoshop. ( there may be a quiz)

2. with your phone take pictures of a boxes items that have good use of font/pictures ( see Campbell soup background as an example). With one of these, take it apart, as I did below and talk about it in a series of paragraphs and send it to me a as word doc.
formatted as in this example

Be prepared to talk about ir in terms of layout, font types, leading, kerning and color- and how these all play together to lead the viewer into thinking and viewing in a certain way.

Ex: The Cambells soup box
: The Cambells soup box
This box is designed to make you feel how warm and delicious Cambells soup is. The color scheme of red- denotes warmth with the cup ( done in logo red) tipping towards the mouth. The font-logo lead the eye to the soup but goes behind the soup pushing the cup forward. The Cambells font is italicized which makes it feel more handwritten and therefore "homemade". The two words above Cambells logo, Cambells and fresh brewed soup are tightly leaded and nestled in the logo. "FRESH-BREWED" is sans serif and capped while the word soup is bold to draw your eye.

Different sections of the packaging words, are different sizes and weights to draw you eye to them or minimize them. The 6 OZ , NET 4OZ, are done black on red ( harder to read), All Cap ( harder to read), ( Thin, tightly Kerned (harder to read), and in the lower right corner , the last place the viewer reads. This makes that phasing almost invisible. The calories, sodium etc. in the upper right corner does not’t draw the eye- unless the viewer is looking for it.