Class 2: Fonts and font placement


What the font is, what the placement, how it it kerned and leaded MATTERS!

Video Lecture on opening indesign and using text

1. Using Indesign for fonts

2. Find a type for these use these quotes: Be prepared to talk about how each of these quotes set the mood.

Summertime: bunnies abound

Summer: rabbits invade!

change it 6 times w/ font size and type
6 times with placement.
Remember no awkward line breaks! Spelling counts!

Copyright. What it means to you.

Any artwork that is used in an assignment, must be your own, or Copyright ¬†free. Even then it needs to be changed at least 3 times and be not the main focus of someone else’s ad campaign. You need to footnote where you got the image. I recommend digital cameras/ phone¬† and starting to build your own library. You should understand this documents.

Fair use

3. Adding Pictures in Indesign.
All your pictures need to be Black and white.
how? Example


1. Find two Haiku that you like

2. creative commons to find two license free picture with the same mood that will work in Black and white.

Bring them in. We will work on this in class.

3. Bring in two print fliers- one good/ one bad