Class 3: Fonts and font placement

Look at the two flyers/ good and bad.

What makes them work?
what makes them NOT work?

How could we make them better.

in class

Haiku  and picture 3 versions,
sentimental, bold,   understated

what is a point

Pica: a unit of type size and line length equal to 12 points (about 1/6 inch or 4.2 mm).
a size of letter in typewriting, with 10 characters to the inch (about 3.9 to the centimeter).

Photoshop: make if black and white-
and if it's a transparent background build around

Indesign transparency drop shadows in Indesign

Printing out your PDFS

Work on image and picture.

on this class Sept 12

work on Haiku- print out. Take pictures or find images for "bad Flyer"

Homework for Sep 17

finish bad flyer and print out for class

do a second Hauiku with pictures