Class 3: Fonts and font placement

Look at the two flyers/ good and bad.

What makes them work?
what makes them NOT work?

How could we make them better.

in class

Haiku  and picture 3 versions,
sentimental, bold,   understated

what is a point

Pica: a unit of type size and line length equal to 12 points (about 1/6 inch or 4.2 mm).
a size of letter in typewriting, with 10 characters to the inch (about 3.9 to the centimeter).

Photoshop: make if black and white-
and if it's a transparent background build around

Indesign transparency drop shadows in Indesign

Printing out your PDFS

Work on image and picture.

Homework fo Sept 14

work on Haiku- print out. Take pictures or find images for "bad Flyer"

Class 4: Working on Bad Flyer

let's look at your Haiku. What works what doesn't REDUE!

Start work on bad flyer

Homework for Sep 19

finish bad flyer and print out for class

Bring in two examples of good uses of slogans. ( these need to be printed) so we can hang them up.