In my Black binder - Beautifully Printed

what is left? what is Right?



pg 1 (R)lovely title page Your Name with logo

pg 2 (R) Haiku finish with pix

Pg 3 (L) First try of bad flyer

Pg 3 (R) final bad flyer

Pg 4 (L) first try magnet

Pg 4 (R) Final Magnet

Pg 5 (L) patty first try w/ thumbnails under

Pg 5 (R) patty final

Pg 6 (L) Poster first try w/ thumbnails under

Pg 6 (R) Poster final- color ( reduce if necessary)

Pg 7 (L) small version of book cover in black and white

Pg 7 (R) final book cover in color

Pg 8 (L) 5 logo possiblities logo

Pg 8 (R) final log in color on business card,paper etc...

Pg 9 (L) Oyster Rock concepts of logo and as many rights and lefts as needed

Pg 9 (R) Oyster teeshirt or whatever

Pg 10 (L) Bucketfeet 1

Pg 10 (R) Bucketfeet 2

Pg 11 (L) first try $1 store

PG 11 (R) $1 final

PG 12 (L) first try final Project

Pg 12 (R) final