In my Black binder -

Binder Spine Your name

Binder Spine Your name

pg 1 (R)lovely title page Your Name with your new logo(Front Page)

pg 2 (L) Second Haiku w/ first try and final in there

pg 2 (R) Second Haiku final

pg 3 (L) bad flier first try

Pg 3 (R)bad flyer final

Pg 4 (L) thumbnails behind first try surrealist magnet

Pg 4 (R) final magnet

Pg 5 (L) Patty first try w/ Patty thumbnails behind

Pg 5 (R) final Patty

Pg 6 (L) Humanics text (first try)

Pg 6 (r) humanics text ( done)

Pg 7 (L) humanics Visual (first try)

Pg 7 (R) humanic visual (done)

Pg 8 bookcover ( first try if you have it)

Pg 8 bookcover done

Pg 9 illustrator house

Pg 10 your logo different looks first try

Pg 10 Your logo on objects

Pg 11 thumbnails for restaurant logos

Pg 11 final restaurant 1

Pg 12 restaurant 2

Pg 12 restaurant 2 on objects

Pg 13 restaurant 1 on objects