In my Black binder -

what is left? what is Right?

Binder Spine Your name with logo


pg 1 (R)lovely title page Your Name with logo

Pg 2 (L) Fonts

pg 3 (R) Haiku finish with pix

Pg 4 (L) First try of Catholic

Pg 4 (R) Final Catholic flyer

Pg 5 (L) thumbnails Magnet

Pg 5 (R) First try Magnet

Pg 6 (R) Final magnet

Pg 7 (L) Thumbnails Patty

Pg 7 (R) Patty first try

PG 8 (R) Patty Final

Pg 9 (L) Thumbnails for political poster

Pg 9 ( R) First run-though poster

Pg 10 (R) poster final

Pg 11: Book-project first try

Pg 11: Book final (color)

Pg 12 (L) thumbnails for group project

Pg 12(R) Final Group project in color

Pg 13 (L) thumbnails of personal logo ( pencil)

Pg 13 (R) Personal logos in color test 3 up ( what were your first ideas?)

Pg 14(R) Personal Logos in final tear sheet ( color)

PG 15 (R) BucketFeet 1

Pg 15(R) Bucket feet 2

Pg 16 (L) Teeshirt design up black on white

Pg 16 (R) teeshirt design in black tee-shirt w/ personal logo

Pg 17 (R) next 10 years color

to be put in at final the following

Pg 18 ( restaurant logos)

Pg 18 (R) logo layout