In Class-Oct 20

look at your poster projects and make your midterm portfolio with your best redoes.

Meeting individually through ZOOM for midterm critique.

The Day the Machine Stopped

The next 2 week you will be designing a book and preparing it for both print publication and digital publication.

This week we will do the interior, next week the cover and illustrations.

Week 1: DUE Oct 27 for review as both PDF and EPUB

1. You will be reading " The Machine Stopped".a science fiction short story by E. M. Forster. This is a 1909 classic about how technology and people work together. As you read it, think about how how it might apply to this time period think about the font and how it should look.

Here is the Document. Download and read and then.....preparing the copy for the book and bring it into InDesign, format and save as a PDF and epub- upload with the following naming conventions. Book-print-1-your-name and book-digital1-your-name

Here are the videos to watch.

Week 2: Due Nov 3 as both PDF and EBUB

2. You will be preparing the 3 illustrations, the cover and back. If you want to get ahead (as week one should be relatively easy) I suggest you think about the illustrations in week 1. What am I looking for in the illustrations? I am looking for a modern spin- 3 illustrations that bring the book into modern context. Remember when building your illustrations, think about making the images LARGE!

My Video on putting in the pictures to your book

Adobe's Video for building covers

My Video for building the covers

upload with the following naming conventions. Covers by themselves BookCovers-PDF-1
Book-print-2-your-name and book-digital2-your-name