your book is called Dichotomy.It can be mystery- a self help book- and artist guide, basically anything. It should have a front cover that makes it obvious what it's about ( example Dichotomy: a new way of seeing) - a backover that is either just a picture or great reviews...(ex: best book ever! New Yorker) inner flaps- front with a write up about the book( ex: In a place far away there were two brothers: Cain and Abel- different but the same...blah bah blah) that fills up the flap. back flap an artist picture and a little bio - again about a paragraph.

For Monday 10/22: a good rough- ie something we can look at on screen

For Wednesday 10/24 : final printed out and trimmed to go on the book- note- probably you should not use heavy stock. The template is at brightspace