branding a new restaurant

you are branding a new restaurant , this brand will go on their

menus, be etched in their front doors and be the top of their website.


Design Your way best logos 2011

Drawing Inspiration from creative logos

Vital tips

Examples of branding

Their brand can include their name- but should have other graphic
 make at least thumbnails of each restraunt-
plan to present- the class will decide which you will do.

this will  illustrator, full color,
you will show it the following Thurs.

Vivian's  -an upmarket resturant specializing in nouvelle
cuisine for an upscale twenty something market.

Vinnie's   - a mid range Italian family style restaurant specializing in
large potions , for families on a budget

Vi-dee-dee   - a New England barb-a-que joint for college students  
see bub's as an example

Homework 11/12

Thumbnails for logos ( you will work on them in class)

Illustrator Tools ( if you need them)