we will have class on Dec 1.

Your final project.

Talking from the theme of your historical paper, you will do a series of ads a for a new product for 2020

.You are designing for a new product- for your brand (shoes, vitamins,E-cigarettes, breakfast foods)

1 Brand it - Due Thurs Dec 3rd.
( synchronistic class)

You need to come up with a logo branding
( it should be simple, think Springfield, nike, rootine,blu).
this logo will be in three ad campaigns.

Due Dec 7 Tuesday (synchronistic)

2. a magazine ad for 2020.
Color 8X10

2. a newspaper ad for 2020.
4X5 Take in to account covid (this one is black and white)

Due at the final December 15 9:30

4. a banner ad for the INTERNET done in Photoshop 1400pX 300PX 72 DPI

also at the final a completed PDF of all your work see the PDF page