Historical Paper assignment: Overview

Due Nov 17


Come up with an idea.

3-5 page paper and presentation.

Paper Due: dec 3
Find a product that has been around for the last 100 years. Use
general terms like: Cameras or Dresses or hard candy.
Find an ad from the
30's depression
40's   specificallywar years
Late 60's/ 70's
and current day- this can be on the internet

Analyze the 7 ads for
Time period: where does it fit historically?
Placement: What kind of audience were the ad makers trying to reach.
( ex. Married Women, middle age successful business men)
Visual: What kind of visuals were ad makers using to get there point
across ( Bold? Illustration? Black and white ad?)
Copy: What was the text like? Was it wordy, was it brief? Did it try
to get you to buy emotionally? Intellectually? Etc..
Layout: How did they do layout? Was it straight forward? Was it
cropped? Symmetrical?

Then compare the ads: How well do you think they worked? What was
different about them? What was the same?

Put illustrations with your paper. You may use the internet: IF you
can read the copy of the ad, find out what time period the ad was
done in, what magazine it was placed in.

You may not use coca cola or cambells soup

Using what you have learned project into the next 5 years what the
ad for this product will look like.

Daniela setzer