Selling Your Face Masks!

Show and tell:synchronistic

Re-due Haiku, Show Bad Flyer
work on flyer in class and show again at the end.

HOMEWORK: asynchronistic
job 1: Face Masks-

Face masks

You have have come up with a great idea to make a new and exciting set of Masks. Your own work! Your own Ideas! Your personal art on masks! You have the product but now how to sell them? ( in the first two videos I talk about the project being fridge magnets, but I changed it- so when I say fridge magnets thing masks)

You decide to try selling in a local paper,The Montague Reporter, and going cheap to start- so black and white-

Here is the what the Montague reporter looks like? ( here is a video)

who is your Target audience? ( who are you trying to sell to? Who is this paper trying to sell to?)

In Your ad you should have at least the name of your product- your name and price

What is the size of your ad? Watch this video to find out.

Start with at least 6 thumbnails

2) what is a thumbnail? a thumbnail of an ad for this class is usually done in pencil, to the actual size of the ad. It should be visible from a distance, and have lines where the type, and a sketch of you image. It is a visual way for you as the designer to work out ideas without fully completing them
Examples of thumbnails

Video of how to think about thumbnails

You will do a quick discussion of your thumbnails ( show and tell) when you show your projects. They will be made as PDFs and put in your folder on the the Google drive like this: Job1-thumbnails-your-name.


Making your own art onto a mask & making the ad in InDesign, and printing

Here is a quick video of my making a mask in Photoshop

Bring it into InDesign

and a few tricks and publishing it