Start thinking about your logo. How do you express yourself? How to you represent yourself? Look at examples.

You will be making 5 logos for yourself in illustrator- only one can use words.

Homework: Tuesday

1. Finish you logos for your group. send it to them as a PDF- ask them to respond

Remember to send it with the text in outline!

( but save an .ai fie with it NOT in outline just in case)

2. Print it out in color

3. draw/thumbnail  5 logos for yourself- only one with letters use symbols

( remember we will be pinning them up and looking at them so make them LARGE and dark)

4. Come in with an Idea for your historical Paper

chop for instance my chop uses wood carvers symbols and the triangle ( female) the line with moons on either end ( during my life) and the 3 lines (creative, 3 child)


Homework for Thursday

1. Finish your personal logo

There should be 3-

1 using Symbols
1 using your name
1 other