In Class Oct 3

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Homework: Oct 5 Patty's Puppy Pen

( hand drawn readable from a distance)


The Ad

You are doing a dog ad for Halloween
Most ads are developed and put together months before the date, so it is not surprising that you would be putting together an ad for October in September!

Patty is low on cash, so this is black and white and will be used In a newspaper, so be careful with your grays!

ad for dog costume for Halloween.
This is for Patty's Puppy Pen

and is a 6X8 or 8X6 banner head " free treats for dogs in costume for Halloween!"
show at least 2 different costumes and their prices.
also in this ad should be this copy:

Celebrities Love our Dog Tees and Tanks
Hip and humorous dog tees, tanks and sweatshirt in a variety of
colors and sayings to fit every dog's personality. Doggie wristbands
too. Doggie steps for bed, sofa.
ad the address:
at 263 Main St , Springfield Ma
phone (513) 748 3679
We cater to the best!