Desktop Design - Final

In Illustrator

Do the following 3 restaurant logos-
Show them on one sample sheet

Example on how they should look.

Toby's ( a coffee shop)
a hopping place the caters to High school and college students

Lady Day's ( a Jazz dinner spot)
for Sophisticated hip clientele

Le Petite Rhubarbe
(a French restaurant)
for older couples with money.

Do a sheet that shows what one of them would look like

Use place to put the window/glasses/hats whatever- I recommend a transparent png-300 DPI then work on it Photoshop

Make your Photoshop file and then FLATTEN before saving as a PDF (otherwise your PDF is HUGE!)

Breakfast Place logo example (menu, cup, Tee shirt)

Pickle pine Restaurant ( window, wine glass)

Note: If your logo scales up and down poorly, make sure in illustrator preferences General>scale strokes and effects is checked.