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Your first assignment
assess the the social media implications of one of the other students in your class.We will look at these on Thursday, and start your resume.

You will be given:
name, home address, birthdate

You need to find out everything that you can about them.

and write a one page report that you will give in class, hand it to me, and give to your "client"

Here are some articles to read:

How can you tell if a person is worth hiring?

Time for Grads to clean up their Social Media

Judge them using the following criteria

Skill level
Whould you hire them?


After you have seen what is out there

Read this on how to clean it up.

Protect your privacy


Also! Do you have a website yet?

Oct 23
Your site is up and running-with resume no questions no excuses not up? midterm F

Looking ahead...

Due Sept 14- Logo. at least 2 versions. and completed resume

Still like the logo that you made two years ago?- fine. but work with it make it perfect. When I make a logo it take 5 minutes to make and 2 hours to refine. here are two examples of what I mean- 1 and 2. I can up with the idea for this logo quickly but spent time with color- font placement, positive and negative space etc....

Due Sep 19 -Photoshop layout thumbnails of your website at least 2 versions.

Don't be lazy!I expect a full out visual of you site! You can do it! No crappy little drawings.

Due Sept 21 -Front page writting for your webpage.

Write about yourself in the 3 person!

like this:
Ruth West is an internationally recognized artist who as been working with computer art for the last 25 years. One of the first two graduates of the University of Massachusetts with a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Computer Graphics, Ruth West's art has grown steadily along with her chosen medium. She works with digtal collage, flash inteactivity, and web design

Ruth West has been teaching computer art and design at the college level for the last 22 years. She runs the computer graphics program at Springfield College.


Kristen Pisanelli has been a digital artist working with Web Design and Graphic Design for four years. She has gained experience in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, AfterEffects, and CSS. Kristen Pisanelli's love for dance has been the inspiration for many of her works. She has a recent love for photography and has her camera with her at all times. Kristen is a very organized person who sets goals to reach them. If you would like to know more, check out the rest of the website or reach her at kpisanelli@spfldcol.edu!