So you need a website.

You may buy the cheapest site. You may use wordpress on a bought site.

I am hosted on Doteasy

What ever name you use think about keeping it forever! When you drop an name sometimes porn sites will take over you name and a google search on you will come up porn.

A great host ( what I have the school hosted through)

yes, you need to pay for it. Yes, you need it immediatley.

DO NOT USE WIX ( it makes you look like you don't know what you are doing!)

What should my website look like?

Here are some examples from other years.

Jamie Swimm, Andy Twomey, Shawn Sunderland, Jim Donovan


What does your website have? at least the following......

A really nice design with your logo and look

An index page that tells a little about you.

A Portfolio of both Computer and traditional images ( a good place to use lightbox)

A PDF Resume that gives contact info ( No address or phone number please!)

A Contact page with your email ( This is your professional, non-springfield address Ex:

Things you could use :


jquery library


Drop down menus in Dreamweaver ( an ok video tutorial)

google fonts

Oct 23
Your site is up and running-with resume no questions no excuses not up? midterm F