First Assignment-Syllabus questions

After reading through this syllabus, your sending this email indicates your acceptance of the terms, conditions and expectations outlined in the syllabus.

If I do not have this email- You are not taking this class.


Email your answers to:

In subject line: Class number – your name.     Example: Arts 260 1:00 John Smith
In body: Your Name  Phone and phone number Example: John Smith 555-1212

Answer the following questions

  1. Are you expected to be at the final? Y/N
  2. What day and time is your final? (ex: 5/8 3:00PM)
  3. How many absences may you have before your grade goes down? ( number)
  4. How is an attendance defined? (when do I count you off1/2 a class?)
  5. At what point in the class are assignments due? (Begining or end)
  6. How is Plagiarism in creative work defined in this class? Academic Honestly Policy
  7. If you miss class, are you responsible for the assignment? Y/N
  8. can you have your cell phone on during class? Y/N