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off 47: Romantic Pastorals

Off 47: Romantic Pastoral

Romanic Pastorals is a series of intimate whimsical art pieces bases on the rural landscape. In it is a bathtub grotto, discovered half done on Rt 47, that should have  feature a Virgin Mary but was still half in the making when photographed. Now through the wonders of digital manipulation , it contains a series of unexpected inhabitants surrounded by lush and painterly backgrounds. The backgrounds are local, taken primarily from Sugarloaf and the mood is Italian Renaissance.

off 47:house

Off Rt 47: House

The second series of work is from the group Off Rt 47: House a series that delves into the outdoor imaginings of childhood. “When I was young” states West” I used to build houses out of twigs and moss for imaginary people. I felt that I could make nest for these folk. Since then I have had a fondest for hidden spaces under rocks and nooks in trees.” This series populated these homes with found image of  children and women from the early part of the last century.
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