Ruth West
Savage Women
Savage Women
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In West's 1996 series "Savage Women", antique photos are combined with language as mysterious as the women themselves. About these works the artist said: " I wanted to make the viewer really look at these women. To bring the figures out of the faded sepia tin-types and into the light, I combined the images with text in order to bring the viewer more deeply into the picture. icture."
savage women

At The Beach

In this series, no longer are holiday photos of women casual black and whites spilling from their storage box. Instead they come alive with their colorful histories. Words, definitions from Roget's Thesaurus, poems and the personal notes from the backs of old postcards assist the image in drawing the viewer into the scene. West elevates the archival to art, making monuments to memory.
Both these series are limited edition prints of no more than 25


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