Week 1:

How this Class will work
File formats into Photoshop: Import/ export- and size matters
posterize, crop
What size do you work in for the web? What size do  you work in for paper? What happens when you work with more megs? What happens when you work with less? What happens when you bring an image in from the INTERNET?

What is Thing a day?

Homework: Due Monday Sep 9 in your google folder 2 pieces

note: These are jpgs. at should be at a minimum 2000 pixels wide and 1500px high

1Tutorial- arts260-photoshop>your name folder> tutorial1.jpg

2. Art piece art60-photoshop>yourname folder>final1.jpg

Element 1: tutorial (do this once) and save as tutorial( and then use it as a jump off point)


Element 2:Roy Lichtenstein
Element 3: Portrait
Element 4:I thought I knew the answer


Look up Roy Lichtenstein.
How do You use Roy Lichtenstein as an art  Influence? Composition
What makes Lichtenstein and interesting artist?
What is Roy Lichtenstein artistic philosophy?
What art movement was he part of
What piece of his do you like or dislike and why?
Bring in a piece of his that interests you

Do tutorial save on the in the google drive in the google drive>your name >

Do your artwork based on the elements.:
ow do You use Roy Lichtenstein as an art  Influence? Composition
Do a piece of work of your own based on the tutorial and elements put it in in google folder
called final1 give me it as a 1500 Px wide ( and however tall) jpg.

What we will do on Monday

Why is he significant to his time period come to class planning to discuss-
and show your work based the elements.
Bring in the final art piece on your flash drive as a jpg and plan to discuss.