Week 8: Creating with Symbols

moving pictures/ tutorials your series

What You need to do tutorial class.

Element 1: Tutorials
1. creating a custom shape
2. creating a cloud icons
3. Symbolic Artwork

Element 2: The cave of Lascaux
Element 3: symbols not words
Element 4: The Past is now

HuH? How do I use symbols?

look up the caves - find 3 picture- be prepared to discuss.

Do tutorials. do your own work. save in your folder.

HuH? what is my series supposed to be about?

Artist Statement for you series of 8 works.
give example of work next week

why you should work in a series

What are you planning to do? Think complex, and abstract in your concept and " out of the box". Do not use a series that you are currently working on (ex: "something sick")

How do I find what I want to work on? Look at you past personal work- Is there a theme that can be expanded? Example: I have always gone back to this phrase " she dreamt of flight" I might choose to do an series based on Classic angel statues brought into contemporary life. Here are other series I have done: See-Sea Note the writing on the work- and Rt 47. Note statement.

Here is a good artist statement builder

Remember all visuals in your series must be your own and you must use photoshop.